Episode 13 – Morpheus Ravenna talking Witchcraft, Feri Tradition, Spirits, & The Morrigan

Welcome to Weird Web Radio! I’m your host, Lonnie Scott.

This is the official kick off for Season 2!

This episode takes us down a magical rabbit hole with Morpheus Ravenna, the amazing Witch and Priestess of the Morrigan.

This episode covers a lot of magical ground. We go through spirit work, the Gods, landscapes, and more. Here’s just a few of the hits:

Getting started in Witchcraft

Working With Spirits

Faery Spirits

Haunted Places Through a Witch’s Eyes


The Feri Tradition of Witchcraft

Ecstatic Trance

The Nature of Trance

The Morrigan

Irish Pilgrimage

Sacred Landscape

Celtic Polytheism

The Problem of Racism in Paganism

The Coru Priesthood

And so much more!

Morpheus Ravenna is a spiritual worker, artist, and writer. An initiate of the Anderson-Feri tradition of Witchcraft, she has studied and practiced devotional polytheism and the magical arts for about twenty years. Her primary spiritual practice is her devotion and dedication to the Morrígan within the framework of Celtic heroic spirituality. She co-founded the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood and currently serves as Lore Chieftain. Author of The Book of the Great Queen: The Many Faces of the Morrígan from Ancient Legends to Modern Devotions, her writing can be found on her personal blog, The Shieldmaiden. She also practices medieval armored combat and is very fond of spears. She can be reached through her website at bansheearts.com.

Grab some popcorn, kick back and enjoy the show!

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The Coru Cathubodua Priesthood: http://corupriesthood.com

Morpheus on the Web http://bansheearts.com

Get The Great Queen Book!

Morpheus recommended this site: http://loraobrien.net/




Intro voice over by Lothar Tuppan.
Outro voice over by Lonnie Scott
Intro & Outro Music by Nine Inch Nails on the album ‘7’, song title ‘Ghost’, under Creative Commons License.

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