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Spooky Short Story Time: A Stone Circle Secret by Lonnie E. Scott

I participated in a scary campfire story challenge way back in the old Internet forum days. I didn’t win. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. In the midst of doing a search for something else, I stumbled upon my post on Mysticwicks from October 7th, 2004. I read through my own tale and found it […]

Weird Web Radio: Special Guest Paige Zaferiou

Welcome to Web Weird Radio! Paige Zaferiou (zah-FAIRY-oo) is a tarot and astrology reader, medium, and folk magic practitioner on a mission to infuse the world with magic. Her readings are upbeat, positive, and offer practical advice for dealing with the weirdness of being alive. When she’s not slinging cards or reading charts, you can […]

Welcome to Weird Web Radio!

Welcome to Weird Web Radio! My name is Lonnie Scott. I’m your host. I’ve been an Occultist, Pagan, and Heathen for over two decades. I’m a Professional Hypnotist (seen on Planet Weird), Tarot Professional (Tarosophist of the Year 2014), member of Pagan and Heathen organizations (ADF, The Troth, and Rune Gild). I’ve been investigating the […]