Welcome to Weird Web Radio! My name is Lonnie Scott. I’m your host.

I’ve been an Occultist, Pagan, and Heathen for over two decades. I’m a Professional Hypnotist (seen on Planet Weird), Tarot Professional (Tarosophist of the Year 2014), member of Pagan and Heathen organizations (ADF, The Troth, and Rune Gild). I’ve been investigating the Paranormal and experimenting in the Occult for a long time, and I’m excited to bring my insight to you.

Weird Web Radio is a Paranormal and Occult Podcast. Episodes will feature topics of Ghost Hunting, Paranormal Investigation, Mediums, Divination, Tarot, Horror, Storytelling, Paganism, Magic, and tales of the outright weird and bizarre. Each episode will feature interviews with leaders in each of those areas to gain insight into their tools, practices, techniques, and tactics so you can use them in your own life.

I’ll also be talking to people just like you. That’s right. I want to hear your stories of the paranormal in your life. Tell us about your haunted house, Ouija board experience, tarot tales, ghost highways, strange encounters, and all the other wonderful weird that crossed your path. You’re not alone. Countless people have had paranormal experiences. It’s time to let the world know.


If you would like to be a guest or you know someone who should be a guest, then please contact me by email at weirdwebradio@gmail.com.

Would you yet know more?